Pool Liner Replacements …the Preparation

Having a pool liner installed is not only about measurements and climate control, there is also a need for your pool to be properly prepared before a professional pool liner installer comes to your home.

Firstly, the sound structure of your pool is imperative. If you discover any cracks or upheavals in your pool when your old liner is taken out, you will want to have this addressed before having a new liner installed. Cracks and upheavals can wreak havoc on a liner – and even put it at risk for tearing.

Liner Preparation

Be sure to smooth out your pool surface base and replace any broken or impaired parts and joints.

Fill in any cracks in your foundation, or remove any rocks from a sand-bottom base. Your lining will clearly show any imperfections, and your feet will feel them as well – potentially causing tears as we mentioned.

Also, ensure your panels are sealed and leak-proof.

Refilling Your Pool

Refilling your pool requires additional care and attention after you have relined you pool. Be sure to vacuum your pool liner first to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. Even though you may not see them, they could still be there undetected to the naked eye.

The “hands and knees method” works well too, as you can feel any bumps or ridges better than your vacuum could. So don’t be apposed to getting “down and dirty” with your pool before refilling.

Pools are a perfect place for family-fun all summer long. So by covering off all these imperative steps, you can better ensure a seamless summer without additional pool maintenance or repairs.

Having a professional pool liner installer come to install your liner can safeguard against human error, and as we mentioned – although you might be the fix-it type, these types of installations are often best left up to those who do it for a living. The professional route can truly end up saving you time and money in the end.

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