Pool Liner Replacements …the Process

Many pool owners are keen on do-it yourself projects when it comes to their personal pools. However, replacing your pool liners is something you might want to leave to professionals.

Although you may think you will be saving money by doing these types of projects yourself, there is a lot of room for error – which could end up costing you more in the end unfortunately.

The lifespan of pool liners varies from pool to pool based on many factors. General wear and tear as well as environmental issues are just two of the common reasons why your pool liner might need replacing. Whether you have an aboveground pool, or an in-ground one, both are subject to the same rigors of seasonal use.

That being said, maintaining your pool liner is a good idea – both for health reasons as well as aesthetic ones.

The process for which these liners are replaced varies from pool to pool, which is one of many reasons to hire a professional, as they know of the variables involved

Steps to Take Before Hiring

Measure Accurately

Although you may feel that a simple factory-sized liner should do the trick based on your “standard pool”, all sizes are not created equal, and there is always shifting and settling that your pool undergoes over the years.

Therefore, ensure you know the correct measurements of your pool previous to calling an installer. Knowing the exact dimensions will allow the person you hire to quote you accurately on price, and check to make sure they have the products necessary to fit your pool correctly.

Tools of Measure

Gather together a vacuum pole, a tape measure, as well as a plumb bob. Ensure your pool water is clean and clear so you can accurately read your measurements, and take these measurements twice to also guarantee accuracy. Measure the walls, your pool depth at its deepest point, and include all “hills and valleys” within.

Climate Control

Ensure that the climate is conducive with replacing your pool liner. You don’t want it to be too hot, as this could alter the installation process and variable sizing of your pool liner. But a climate that is too cold can also the same effect. So as like Goldilocks and the Three Bears …you want to ensure the temperature is juuuuuust right!

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