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Making a Splash Without Leaving a Footprint

For pool owners, their backyard pool space is their oasis, offering health and relaxation benefits, as well as fun and play for all. However, along with the benefits, also come some concerns regarding the toxic nature of the chemicals required to clean and maintain a pool, and how these chemicals are emitted into the air and absorbed into the skin.

If you share in these concerns, there are ways in which to minimize or eradicate chemicals altogether in your pool, which include…

Salt Water Pools

Ocean water offers a natural saline composition that helps neutralize and maintain a healthy eco-system without chemicals. […]

How To Properly Prepare Your Pool for Spring

Although we are still in the throes of a Lower Mainland winter, spring will be upon us before you know it, and with it comes the spring swimming season!

At Life Saver Pool Covers Inc, we want to make sure that pool owners are ready for the season ahead, so we prepared some easy to follow guidelines on how you can set up your pool for spring…

Firstly, seeing as your pool pump just had its long winters nap – ensure it is operational and in good working order. Regular maintenance of your pool pump usually involves some basic cleaning and […]

Painted Pools – Common Problems & Concerns

At Life Saver Pool Covers Inc, we can appreciate the many concerns and even problems people have with their pool paint. However, we wanted to address those problems and concerns before they become either.


Fading Pool Paint


Whether it’s indoor or outdoor paint – paint fades over time. There is no way to really prevents this – apart from a pool cover.


However, an acid bath wash will clean your pool and make the paint appear bright again. Be sure to clean your pool thoroughly with soap first, then clean with a light mixture of muriatic acid and water, and refill the […]

Understanding Paint Types for Painted Pools


Painted pools are not so much a new thing as they are a RE-new thing. It is a fairly common process to paint your pool, as it adds an inexpensive coating in comparison to other surfaces.

So What Are The Pool Paint Types?

–       Epoxy …is a paint often used for newly constructed pools, and it is also used if your pool was previously painted with this type of paint. A lot of pool owners use this type, as it is long lasting, stands up to the fading effects of UV rays, it’s durable, and it can last a lengthy 7-10 […]

How To Winterize Your Pool

We understand that fall has just begun, but “winterizing your pool” is less about the season, and more about the shift from warm summer temperatures, to the rain-filled days and nights of fall, winter and spring here in the Lower Mainland.

Failing to properly winterizing your pool, can result in costly problems such as broken pool equipment, but by taking the time to address the increasing climate change, you can avert any unexpected expenditures.

Whether your pool operates all year round, or you shut it down for the cooler months, winterizing your pool is still a smart step to take, and […]

All Purpose Pool Covers

At Life Saver Pool Covers Inc, we have a wide variety of pool covers to choose from, and we wanted to share some details about the top brands we carry. Brands that are trusted in the industry, and backed by a guarantee you would expect in quality products!


Infinity 4000

Our Infinity 4000™ Fully Automatic Pool Cover “recessed toptrack” model fits both free form and rectangular pools. This low-profile track is mounted on the deck and – when retracted – the cover disappears into a housing recessed below the deck. Accommodating both new and existing pools, this system exceeds the A.S.T.M. […]

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence …the Stamp of Strength

When installing a pool fence, you want to ensure it provides the safety and security stamp of strength you would expect. At Life Saver Pool Covers, we know that Protect-A-Child Fence’s offer Quad-Bilt™ composite posts that have the strength and durability to support tension, and do not become bent like aluminum posts often do.

Visual Benefits of a Protect-A-Child Fence 

Installing a fence that can stand the test of time insures that our clients are receiving value for their dollar, and one of the many benefits of these fences is the built in colour they contain. This built in colour […]

Child Protection Fences


Child protection is of utmost importance for parents, and at Life Saver Pools, we fully understand and appreciate the measures that need to be taken in order to fully ensure the safety and protection of your children. That is why we feel so strongly about the Protect A Child Fence product we carry.

Whether your pool is full of water during the summer months only, or year round, having a protective barrier to keep your children safe from the depths is important. Even if you empty your pool over the non-summer months, having a gaping hole in your yard can […]