Go Green …a Good Concept for the Planet, Not for the Pool!

As the winter season gives way to spring, pool owners are often presented with a “surprise” when they uncover their pools from many months of lying dormant. A green pool might colour coordinate nicely with your lawn, but a pond-like pool is not a pleasant swimming environment. This “green stuff”,

Spring Cleaning Your Pool

No matter if you have been maintaining your pool for years, or are new to the pool-owning community – tips on how to keep your pool clean are always helpful. With spring upon us, most pool owners will be “releasing the hatch” and uncovering their pool for cleaning. As such,

The Benefits & Features of our Protect-A-Child Pool Fence

Whether you like to splash in the pool, or relax on the patio …both are optimal areas in which to lounge over the summer months. Ensuring these places of leisure are both fun and safe is key too. That is where having a Protect-A-Child Fence comes into “play” (if you

Pool Liner Replacements …the Process

Many pool owners are keen on do-it yourself projects when it comes to their personal pools. However, replacing your pool liners is something you might want to leave to professionals. Although you may think you will be saving money by doing these types of projects yourself, there is a lot

Pool Liner Replacements …the Preparation

Having a pool liner installed is not only about measurements and climate control, there is also a need for your pool to be properly prepared before a professional pool liner installer comes to your home. Firstly, the sound structure of your pool is imperative. If you discover any cracks or

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

Although summer is not the only time in which one should use sunscreen, it is often the time of year we have the majority of our outdoor activities happening in full-sunny-swing. So sunscreen is especially important during our frequent visits beneath the warm glow of the sun. Whether you burn

Vitamin D and the Sun

Did you know that normal daily outdoor activities totaling 5 – 30 minutes twice per week would provide you with 600 IU or 15mcg of vitamin D to your body? This is the most natural way for your body to absorb vitamin D, along with a diet packed with fish,

Swimming Pool Safety

Although we have blogged about it before, we cannot stress pool safety enough. Just as CPR courses are expected to be taken every few years, pool safety procedures should be reviewed every summer leading up to the active use of your pool, with rules clearly listed or known by all

Swimming Pool Games (Part 2 of 2)

Just when you thought the pool games had pretty much been summed up …we have more! Keep in mind, that pool safety should always be your #1 prerogative, even amongst all the fun, ensure that safety measures and precautions are being taken. With that being said …here’s some additional fun games

Pool Games (con’t…)

We offered up some fun pool games in our previous blog posts, but we though we could provide a couple more to keep the party going! Hold Your Breath So we know the saying goes “don’t hold your breath”, but in this case – you are going to want to