Painted Pools – Common Problems & Concerns

At Life Saver Pool Covers Inc, we can appreciate the many concerns and even problems people have with their pool paint. However, we wanted to address those problems and concerns before they become either.


Fading Pool Paint


Whether it’s indoor or outdoor paint – paint fades over time. There is no way to really prevents this – apart from a pool cover.


However, an acid bath wash will clean your pool and make the paint appear bright again. Be sure to clean your pool thoroughly with soap first, then clean with a light mixture of muriatic acid and water, and refill the […]

How Do I Get A Replacement Pool Cover?

We are one of the largest pool cover manufacturers in the world, and after 29 years of replacing and repairing EVERY manufacturers’ old pool covers…we know that a Pool Cover Specialists® pool cover will replace any manufacturers’ pool cover…and…you get the famous Pool Cover Specialists® 7 year warranty on your new Pool Cover Specialists® fabric! Just tell us which manufacturer’s pool cover system you have (or describe it to us), and our staff will get you the right cover for your needs. With our factories on the East Coast, West coast, Europe and New Zealand…our delivery time from payment […]