Saving Energy on Heating Your Pool in 2018

Being a pool owner is an exciting and rewarding thing, and let’s face it – it makes you the favourite family member and neighbour as well!

However, it also comes with an added energy expense, which is why we want to share with you about ‘Saving Energy on Heating Your Pool in 2018’, and how you can do so.

Two Words: Pool Cover

Whether losing heat from your pool or losing water from evaporation (or likely both), having a pool cover will save you money as well as time.

Cleaning your pool of debris – such as leaves, along with constantly adding more […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Your Pool

Keeping your pool heated throughout the winter months is a big consideration for many pool owners. Deciding between the cost vs. the convenience of having a pool heated year round is often not something taken lightly, and understandably so.

So we wanted to help you make your decision by answering some of the most “Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Your Pool”!

Cost vs. Convenience – Is It Worth It?

As pool advocates, the short answer is – yes. It is worth it to maintain your pool for the comfort and convenience of swimming in your own space whenever you see fit, and […]

Offseason Pool Care for a ‘Swimming’ Fall

In some provinces a functioning swimming pool year-round might seem ludicrous, but in the temperate climate of the Lower Mainland – there are many pool owners who choose to keep their pool running throughout most or all 4 of our mild seasons.

So if you are one of those pool owners, you will benefit from knowing about offseason pool care for a swimming fall!

Protect Your Pool Water

Having a water protection system in place not only keeps you water in better swimming condition; it also is a safety measure and a cost-saving investment.

Our Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ reduces costly heat loss […]

Pool Energy Saving Measures for Every Season

Saving energy also means saving money, so uncovering energy saving measures for your pool – no matter the season – is a good way to keep your costs down if you are running your pool year round.

Although there is maintenance costs involved every month of the year in which you choose to keep your pool operational, there are ways to lessen these costs that we wanted to share with you.

Invest in an Energy Efficient Pool Pump

If you have had your pool for many years – or even over 5 years – it is likely your pool pump is lacking […]

Energy Saving Measures For Your Pool


Pool owners don’t own pools to reduce their energy bill. However, you can lower your energy bill with some small adjustments to your pool maintenance.

Obviously your pool is going to cost you money to maintain and run throughout the summer …and other seasons if you choose to keep it operational year-round. Regardless of the season, most people keep their pools temperature at 82 degrees, and this requires energy to keep it heated as the air cools down.

Pool Energy Saving Tips

Consider reducing the temperature of your pool by a few degrees. Even this slight shift can significantly reduce your costs, […]

Environmental Measures for Water-Bound Play


Playing in and around the cooling and refreshing effects of water, is a fantastic approach to fun in the summer months. However, with every fun activity comes a myriad of cleaning rituals, as well as the potential for danger and damage to us and our “stuff”.

While we don’t want to curb fun, we also don’t want to have to throw away damaged goods, or use non-recyclable items that get tossed at the end of a watery adventure. So we came up with some solutions for exactly that type of play!

Go Green With …the use & reuse method

Use: Pack your […]

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence – A Green Company!


Did you know the manufacturer of our Protect-A-Child Pool Fences is a green company? Although providing pool safety measures is our company objective, we also understand the importance of maintaining this beautiful planet we live on, and in recognition of that – are proud to use companies who boast of those same intents!


With environmentally conscious endeavors becoming increasingly common, we aim to reduce waste and any additional impact our products and/or services might lend themselves to, without compromising on quality.


That is why we are proud to inform our customers that our Protect-A-Child Pool Fences come from a environmentally friendly, […]

How Covers Save Water

How about a FREE pool cover?

We won’t ask you to put a price tag on pool safety, because you can’t put a price tag on the life of a child–whatever the price, it’s worth paying! But, let’s face it, whether you opt for a fence, a sophisticated alarm system, or an automatic cover, you’re looking at a substantial investment. The good news is that, unlike fences and alarms, automatic cover systems literally pay for themselves, usually within the first few years of ownership. In fact, if you were to finance your cover, the savings achieved from what we like […]