How To Maximize Your Pool Safety

At Life Savers Pool Safety Inc, we are all about keeping pool owners safe, along with their kids, pets, friends and extended family. Small safety measures can make a huge difference in preventing injury or a tragic death, which is why we want to share these tips on how you can maximize your pool safety!

Swimming Lessons – #1 Prevention Tool in Water Safety

If you are a pool owner, water safety is likely high on your priority list, and swimming lessons are the #1 safety measure in keeping children and adults alike safe in an environment with a pool.

Which is […]

Added Swimming Pool Safety Measures for Summer

May has definitely seen some lovely warm weather, and with summer on the horizon, pool owners across the Lower Mainland are preparing their pools for the swimming seasons ahead. Which is why Pool Safety Inc. is proud to offer these ‘Added Swimming Pool Safety Measures for Summer’!

Install a Pool Safety Fence

At Pool Safety Inc, we provide the unprecedented protection of a Protect-A-Child’s Fence. This Quad-Bilt fence is comprised of composite posts that have the strength and durability to support tension and flex with shock, helping to keep out kids as well as pets when no one is around to […]

Gear Up for Summer with Pool Safety Equipment

With summer just around the corner, now is an excellent time to ‘Gear Up for Summer with Pool Safety Equipment’!

Whether it’s adding a pool cover to maintain your pool temperature, save on energy and/or protect children and pets from falling victim to the water below, or a Protect-A-Child Fence in order to create a barrier between your pool and those at risk for falling in, it is important to have some form of pool safety measures in place in order to ensure a safe swimming season.

Protect-A-Child Fence

The Protect-A-Child Fence combines the best mesh and stainless steel components with […]

The Ultimate Protection of a Pool Safety Fence + Pool Cover

When it comes to safety, being extra cautious is never a bad thing – which is why we believe protecting your family and friends, and even pets, with a Pool Safety Fence as well as a Pool Cover is an ideal choice for year-round pool safety measures and peace of mind.

The Added Safety (and energy savings) of Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Covers or Spa Covers create an impenetrable safety barrier between a person of concern – such as a small child or a pet, and a dangerous body of water. Not only that, but having a pool cover installed can […]

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence …the Stamp of Strength

When installing a pool fence, you want to ensure it provides the safety and security stamp of strength you would expect. At Life Saver Pool Covers, we know that Protect-A-Child Fence’s offer Quad-Bilt™ composite posts that have the strength and durability to support tension, and do not become bent like aluminum posts often do.

Visual Benefits of a Protect-A-Child Fence 

Installing a fence that can stand the test of time insures that our clients are receiving value for their dollar, and one of the many benefits of these fences is the built in colour they contain. This built in colour […]

Child Protection Fences


Child protection is of utmost importance for parents, and at Life Saver Pools, we fully understand and appreciate the measures that need to be taken in order to fully ensure the safety and protection of your children. That is why we feel so strongly about the Protect A Child Fence product we carry.

Whether your pool is full of water during the summer months only, or year round, having a protective barrier to keep your children safe from the depths is important. Even if you empty your pool over the non-summer months, having a gaping hole in your yard can […]

Pools & Your Pet

Much like most humans, most dogs love the water too. Whether it’s to cool down, or frolic about, a lot of dog owners allow their dogs to frequent their pool during its operational season.

However, chlorine can have an adverse effect on dogs. It can cause multiple concerns including skin irritations, to making your dog ill from accidently (or purposefully) ingesting the chlorinated water.

In addition, allowing your dog to swim in your pool could cause skin irritations in the humans who also swim there. Pet’s playing in your pool also means your pool will get dirtier faster, and have a […]

The Features & Benefits of our Protect-A-Child Pool Fence

Not only do the Protect-A-Child’s Quad-Bilt™ composite posts have the strength and durability to support tension and flex with shock, but also they will not become bent like aluminum posts often do.

You should not have to worry about whether or not your pool fence can endure the rigors of children’s play. When it comes to securing your pool, we know our fences must endure ongoing forces of tension as well as shock.

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence  …the Stamp of Strength


Independent testing shows our Quad Bilt™ composite posts to be stronger and more shock resistant than all other posts on the […]