The Wise Investment of a Spa Cover

Spa covers, like pool covers, are a wise investment that save on cleaning chores, as well as energy and water consumption. In addition, they are easy to use and add to the safety of your spa!

The User-Friendly Serenity Spa Cover

Our Serenity Spa Covers are amazingly user-friendly; unlike many others that are heavy, require tie-downs, and usually involves more than one person to position or move the cover.

Alternately, the Serenity Spa Cover can be handled by just one person, and within seconds you will have your spa secured – maintaining its warmth and water levels with very little effort.

The Benefits […]

Why a Pool Cover is a Wise Investment

At Life Saver Pool Safety Inc, we are proud to be Canada’s wholesale pool cover provider, offering pool owners safety measures, energy savings and the benefit of a clean pool year-round; just a few key reasons why a pool cover is a wise investment!

Pool Covers and Safety Measures

Being a responsible pool owner is important. Whether you have kids or pets, or perhaps care for elderly parents, ensuring your pool has some kind of safety measure to keep people out of the water during non-supervised times, will offer you peace of mind and keep those you care about safe too.

Pool […]

Saving Energy on Heating Your Pool in 2018

Being a pool owner is an exciting and rewarding thing, and let’s face it – it makes you the favourite family member and neighbour as well!

However, it also comes with an added energy expense, which is why we want to share with you about ‘Saving Energy on Heating Your Pool in 2018’, and how you can do so.

Two Words: Pool Cover

Whether losing heat from your pool or losing water from evaporation (or likely both), having a pool cover will save you money as well as time.

Cleaning your pool of debris – such as leaves, along with constantly adding more […]

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    The Importance of a Protect-A-Child Fence No Matter the Season

The Importance of a Protect-A-Child Fence No Matter the Season

Summer is definitely the busiest time of year for people investing in safety measures for their swimming pools, but it is important to realize that pool safety is a year-round thing, maintaining the wellbeing of family members, friends and pets alike. Which leads us to ‘The Importance of a Protect-A-Child Fence No Matter the Season’, and what that means to you – the pool owner.

Full or Empty – Your Pool is a Danger Zone

Regardless of if you keep your pool operational throughout the year or empty it once the summer season is complete, the cavernous hole, that is your […]

How To Maximize Your Pool Safety

At Life Savers Pool Safety Inc, we are all about keeping pool owners safe, along with their kids, pets, friends and extended family. Small safety measures can make a huge difference in preventing injury or a tragic death, which is why we want to share these tips on how you can maximize your pool safety!

Swimming Lessons – #1 Prevention Tool in Water Safety

If you are a pool owner, water safety is likely high on your priority list, and swimming lessons are the #1 safety measure in keeping children and adults alike safe in an environment with a pool.

Which is […]

Preparing Your Pool for Fall

With summer drawing to a slow close and fall just around the bend, preparing your pool for fall is something we thought we should remind you to begin thinking about. Although some pool owners utilize their pool year round, there are still ways to prepare you pool for the cooler season ahead in order to maximize its lifespan!

Clean Your Pool

Although you have likely (and ideally) done this all summer long, giving your pool a good cleaning by skimming debris off of the top and vacuuming out the dirt on the bottom, is an important step in making sure your […]

Affordable Pool Covers That Will Save You Money (and time!)

Pool covers are a great way to keep your pool clean and add a safety measure to your swimming area, as well as offer some energy saving benefits that result in cost savings as well. Which is why we want to tell our reading audience about ‘Affordable Pool Covers That Will Save You Money (and time!)’.

Pool Cover Cost Savings

Did you know that a pool cover could save you up to 80% on your electricity bill, as well as provide chemical cost savings? It’s true! With a small initial investment, you can be collecting on these savings year upon year […]

Alternative Pool Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know!

Let’s face it, cleaning your pool can be a chore, and keeping it clean can seem like an unending battle. So Pool Safety Inc wanted to share these ‘Alternative Pool Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know’, and give our reading audience a helping hand in this department!

Tennis Anyone?

Who knew the sport of tennis could play a part in keeping your pool clean? But it’s true! Throwing a tennis ball or 2 into your pool will help to soak up oils and lotions that often create a film on your pool – due to the fact that everyone is wearing […]