Pool Games (con’t…)

We offered up some fun pool games in our previous blog posts, but we though we could provide a couple more to keep the party going!

Hold Your Breath

So we know the saying goes “don’t hold your breath”, but in this case – you are going to want to hold your breath…

This underwater classic is a simple test of who can hold their breath under water the longest. Whether this is a solitary act of timing yourself, or your wrestling against the clock with a few friends …simply submerge yourself in the pool and have someone begin to count to see who can stay under the longest. Actually, counting can be somewhat irrelevant, as each person will pop to the top when they can no longer continue, but it’s always interesting to see if you can beat the world record!

Safety Warning:

Forced Hyperventilation can be a serious danger in this type of activity. As oxygen levels decrease, you run a greater risk of losing consciousness, and if you lose consciousness underwater -without close supervision- you can drown.

So if you are going to play this game, please keep it safe and fun. If you feel dizzy after a couple of rounds, switch to a different game.

Under-Water Hide & Seek

Grab your goggles and get to lookin’! This is a fun game of finding a small object that doesn’t float in the pool, and having to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt to locate it. Whoever finds it first – wins.

Or create a longer version by tossing in 10 dimes and having them see who can acquire the more first.

Regardless of if it’s rocks or dimes or some other small object being hunted for, it’s a fun and long-lasting game for all.

So whether you have a large gathering, or are simply looking to entertain a child or two …these simple games will keep them afloat long enough to make it through a few chapters of your latest read.

At Life Saver Pool Covers Inc., we’re here to help keep you safe, while providing fun solutions for your pool play!