Powertrak™ Economy Automatic Pool Cover

The PowerTrak ™ is the most affordable automatic safety cover on the market, yet it provides the same level of safety, (and almost the same degree of convenience) afforded by high end automatics. The PowerTrak ™ mechanism is powered by a low voltage, portable, power device, (an electric Drill Motor), which is inserted into gear reducers located on each side of the mechanism. Inserting the portable power device into the gear-reducer on one side opens the cover and inserting the device into the opposite-side gear-reducer closes the cover. Upon closing the cover, the user places the portable power device in a secure location, preventing unauthorized access to the cover. The PowerTrak ™ is ideal for existing pools since it is designed to mount to the surface of an existing pool deck and does not require any electrical preparation.

The most aesthetically clean way to hide the PowerTrak ™ is to order the system with an optional, zero-maintenance Vinyl Bench . The entire cover fabric, including the leading edge, retracts into the bench cavity when the pool is in use. The bench is fully functional, making an ideal place to sit — or a great place for an arrangement of potted plants. The Vinyl Bench is available in tan or white colors.

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