Swimming Pool Games (Part 2 of 2)

Just when you thought the pool games had pretty much been summed up …we have more!

Keep in mind, that pool safety should always be your #1 prerogative, even amongst all the fun, ensure that safety measures and precautions are being taken. With that being said …here’s some additional fun games you can play within your pool!

Sharks and Minnows

This is a form of water tag …and nothing is more exciting than being chased by a make-believe shark. Regardless of if you’re a child or an adult; the thrill remains the same it seems.

The Rules

You start by appointing a shark, and then the remaining pool dwellers are minnows. The shark circles the pool from any angle within the water, and the minnows stand outside the water. When the shark yells “minnows in!”, everyone must jump into the pool and begin their scramble to stay clear of the ferocious shark by making it to the other end of the pool to the appointed safe-zone.

Whenever the shark tags a minnow, that minnow joins the sharks team until all but 1 minnow is left – who is hailed the winner.

Underwater Handstand

This simple game can last a surprisingly long time, and the objective is simple. See who can hold their handstand the longest under water.

This classic pool game requires little skill, but the competitive nature of it keeps it fueled with fun.

It’s important to have a judge who is impartial, and watch the dueling match closely to keep the game fair.

In addition to the traditional rules, you can add a “wrestling” component to it by trying to leg wrestle the other person down …keeping safety measures in mind.

As well, you can incorporate the one-handed handstands, one-finger handstands, and the talent required – no-handed handstand, in order to add to the difficulty levels.

At Life Saver Pool Covers Inc., we are here to help beyond pool safety measures …we wish you hours of fun in your pool play!