Swimming Pool Safety

Although we have blogged about it before, we cannot stress pool safety enough. Just as CPR courses are expected to be taken every few years, pool safety procedures should be reviewed every summer leading up to the active use of your pool, with rules clearly listed or known by all those responsible to implement them.

Children have the uncanny ability to climb out a window, slide though a doggy door, clamber over fences, or slip under traditional pool covers. In order to keep small children from getting near the pool unsupervised, there should be a fence secured around and surrounding your pool or spa area. Along with the watchful eyes of an adult, a fence is the best way to protect your child and other children who may visit or live nearby, for pool-related accidents.

It might go without saying, but children (all those under the age of 10) should never be left alone in or near a pool.  An arms length should be as much distance that is between you and any infants or toddlers …something referred to as “touch supervision”.

Knowing how to swim is also imperative. Supervising without this ability will not do anyone justice, and simply puts more people at risk than just the one’s in the pool.

Pool Fences 

With a Protect-A-Child Pool Fence, you can enjoy your pool in a safe and secure manner all summer long.

At Protect-A-Child, we offer a strong, quality, mesh pool fence designed to protect your child from the #1 cause of accidental death among children under 5… pool drowning.

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is one of the oldest, most respected names in the mesh pool fence industry. With over 20 years experience manufacturing and installing our fences nationwide, we know how to produce fences that really work to protect your children.

At Life Savers Pool Covers Inc, our fences provide a barrier of safety, and our automatic pool covers secure your entire swimming area. These precautions prevent anyone from slipping into your pool, and ensures the safety of your swimming space – even when you can’t be there to do so yourself.

Our aim is to keep your swimming season a safe one …let us know how we can help you do so!