Vitamin D and the Sun

Did you know that normal daily outdoor activities totaling 5 – 30 minutes twice per week would provide you with 600 IU or 15mcg of vitamin D to your body? This is the most natural way for your body to absorb vitamin D, along with a diet packed with fish, milk, dairy, liver, eggs or vitamin D supplemented as needed.

Although one might think that additional sun exposure could give you an added dose of vitamin D, this is not the case.  Overexposure t o the sun can cause burning as well as puts you at risk for skin cancer. Everything in moderation!

Medications & Increased Risks of Sunburn

Did you know that your medication could cause you to burn much more easily? Medications such as anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and acne medications all contain ingredients that make your skin “photo-sensitive”. So ensure you talk to your doctor, pharmacist or read the labels of your medication fully before heading out for a day in the sun.  Your normally sun-kissed tan could turn into a quick burn if your medication does in fact put you at risk for such things.

Expired Sunscreen

Did you know that sunscreen can expire? It can and will, and if it has …you will receive zero sun protection from the expire sunscreen. In addition, you may experience skin irritations …so be sure to check your sunscreens expiry date.

Natural Sunscreen Solutions

Recently the news revealed a sunscreen you can drink, and although we don’t have the particulars on that (nor know if it’s at all natural), we do know that there is mineral powder that offers mineralized zinc and titanium oxide creating a natural barrier between your skin and the sun.

At Life Saver Pool Covers Inc., we understand that summer is not the only time you are at risk for skin damage from the sun, so be sure to wear your SPF 15+ year round.

Also note that healthy habits are are both taught as well as emulated. So make sure you are applying sunscreen to both your kids as well as yourself, to show that sunscreen safety if for everyone in the family.

We’re not just your pool cover specialists in Langley …we also offer helpful tips such as these too! Stay tune